I  give up about my brother will reply my eamil this thing,i give up.

i think he not in the mood.

i don't have choice,cuz he reply me also useless.

sometimes, i'll miss jonh,recently watched a movie where one person is very much like him,Kind and friendly.

Our last contact was in the New Year

I was very happy at that time,cuz i love new year.

my mon also love this day very much,She has been waiting for this day,Because we all get together, that's what she wants the most.

She like this,I am no exception.

Mom will do a lot of delicious food,I really like the New Year this day and I don't have to think about many things.

And i can stay with my brother ,you know my brother like my litter boyfriend,hahahah

my friends also worried about me , come on, i just not have other playmates,I also admit that my brothers are funny,get together very happy.

But,at time goes on, we all grow up. Many things don't want to be like that before. Well, I can't tell this feeling. I think people who have the same feelings as me, will  understand me.

It's hard to get that simple happiness,really.


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